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Allen Harbor is located in North Kingstown, Rhode Island. It is a protected little harbor that offers boaters a tranquil and serene environment. You should follow a local boater into the harbor for the first time since the channel has shallowed somewhat in recent years, (oops - it has now been dredged to a reported depth of 9') and there is little room for error! Fortunately the bottom is soft, but again it is best to navigate through the last turns with someone who has local knowledge. There are about 80 moorings that are maintained by the Allen Harbor crew, and another 50 small boat slips.  See a 12 second QT movie - click here!

see full jpg. (277k) by Michael Kelly If you are an Allen Harbor boater, please sign our guest book and leave a message. If you would like to add your boat's photo to the Allen Harbor web site, just drop it in the mail to Anyboat, 6 Whitehall Drive Warwick, RI 02886. . Please be sure to include your boat's name.

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