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Celebrity's Ship Horizon - Bermuda 2002


                                   What's Going Through My Mind

      Immediately upon boarding the Horizon my heart skips a few beats.  Yes, we are on a wonderful journey and my thoughts run rapidly through my head as to what excitement waits before us.  The anticipation of meeting with the sea, as we travel out over the vast ocean, has me thrilled as well as a bit tremulous.  I had forgotten how expansive it all is.  The Statue of Liberty stands majestically in the harbor, and I reflect on how immigrants passed through Ellis Island with their inner excitement on the journey that awaited them.  The salt air is blowing through my hair as I look back on the Manhattan skyline that has almost faded from site.  

      The sea in Bermuda is azure like no other.  Breathtakingly serene and calming to me.  As the Horizon docks we scamper off to an excited whirl of touring the island.  Beautiful beaches abound and much to do.  Shopping is a must and so is a very relaxing horse drawn carriage ride taking in all the sites.  Our time inevitably comes to a close and we are saddened that the ship is beckoning us back for the sail home.  A lifetime of memories and meeting new acquaintances, makes for delightful conversation as we depart from the shoreline.  The salt air seems to circle my head with reckless abandon as Bermuda fades in the distance, and I am left with the pristine thoughts of an exceedingly superlative adventure.

Kathleen Bode - July 2002


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Title: Pier 19 New York

Title: Deck view of the Horizon facing forward

Title: Nick at the muster station drill before leaving port.

Title: Seaport activity in New York

Title: New York's now tallest building again - the Empire State Building

Title: Looking at where the World Trade Towers once stood.

Title: The passengers line the rail looking at the sky line.

Title: Our first dinner aboard the Horizon

Title: Sunrise at sea.

Title: Sunset at sea.

Title: The "Cut" at St. George.

Title: Only several feet of clearance on each side.

Title: Inside the harbor the colors come alive.

Title: Vessels tie up right to the shore.

Title: General anchorage area for yachtsmen.

Title: Private anchorage is limited but very nice!

Title: The Horizon's bow rising up out of the water at St. George.

Title: Street scene in St. George.

Title: Palm trees and pastel colors abound.

Title: A replica of the original European ship sailed to Bermuda.

Title: Town Hall is part of the central square.

Title: Inside the Town Hall

Title: A good place for the kids to hang out.

Title: Shopping can be expensive but rewarding.

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